Showcasing public art at Wynyard Station

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If you have passed through Wynyard Station lately you will notice that it is now a hub for some pretty stunning public art.


Interloop, by artist Chris Fox, was unveiled in 2017 and hangs from Wynyard station ceiling, hovering above the escalators that travel underground from York Street. The vast twisting accordion-shaped sculpture reconfigures the heritage escalators that once stood there in a stitched form.

Suspended between two ends of the building, Interloop measures more than fifty metres in length, weighs over five tonnes, and weaves in 244 wooden treads and four combs from the original escalators.

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If you head over to the mezzanine level of Wynyard Station’s Clarence Street entrance, some of Australia’s most captivating moving image art is being showcased on this distinctively-shaped screen.

Wynscreen is over 20 metres wide and 3 metres high and is purpose-designed and dedicated as a public art site. Wynscreen video art explores themes of time, travel and place through our Indigenous history, multicultural personality, and creative imaginations. It engages with the ways our past has shaped who we are, where we are and what we may become.

Currently playing is Woven Moments by Sydney creative studio doeandoe

Woven Moments is an abstract expressionist animation reflecting on our interconnectedness to each other, the land we live on and the space we exist in.

This work meditates on moments in time, flowing across multiple dimensions. It is inspired by the quantum physics theory that everything in the universe exists simultaneously in particle and wave states.

Blending traditional and new media, the tactile quality of Woven Moments brings an immersive sense of warmth to the surrounding space. This engagement of viewers through nature’s movements enlivens biophilia: our innate tendency to seek connections with nature.

Screening times:

6am – 3pm on Saturday and Monday this weekend (April 2018)
3pm – 12am on Friday and Sunday this weekend (April 2018)

Wynyard Walk

Using large, sinuous volumes of space without any physical interruptions for pedestrians to walk in, the design challenges the perception of a commute by shifting the emphasis from efficiency of travel to the quality of experience.

The design concept draws on the natural geology of the Sydney Basin, with its landscape of deep cliffs, gorges, beaches and estuaries carved by erosion. This inspired certain materials, such as concrete and stone to ground the project, while lighter elements such as glass and metal provide airy canopies that filter natural and artificial light.

Why not head to the city this weekend and make the most of our beautiful public art?

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