Your guide to On Demand public transport services in the Inner West

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A new, personalised way to travel between parts of Sydney’s Inner West is about to hit the road. Sydney’s first, permanent On Demand bus service launches on Sunday 1 July 2018.

On Demand allows you to book a vehicle to pick you up from a nearby, convenient location and take you to a local transport hub, amenity or place of interest.

It will be available across Breakfast Point, Burwood, Cabarita, Canada Bay, Concord, Mortlake, Rhodes and Strathfield – taking in Rhodes Waterside Shopping Centre, Westfield Burwood and Concord General Hospital.

We’ve designed the route to work closely with existing public transport, covering gaps between transport hubs. The whole point? To make it easier for you to travel between locations.

Plus there will be no changes to existing bus timetables or routes in the area, On Demand is an additional service.

See how the On Demand service works

1. How can I request an On Demand bus?

You will be able to book an On Demand service from ‘ASAP’ to up to 48 hours in advance using the BRIDJ app, available via the App Store or on Google Play.

If using a credit card, you can book up to give passengers to travel together on the one booking. With OpalPay , each customer must book separately and use their own Opal card. Once you’ve booked you’ll be assigned your own seat on the bus.

This is a new world of digital service, booking ahead means no unexpected pick-ups and flag downs, reducing any unexpected impact on passenger travel times.


A heads up, the bus won’t show up at your front door. The idea instead is to meet at a nearby pick-up point.

Simply open the app and move the pins to refine your pick-up and drop-off locations, or, enter an address in the search bar. The app will find you the best ride within the outlined service area.

After booking via the app, you will receive a booking confirmation with an estimated pick-up and drop-off time at your chosen locations. The app contains handy walking directions.

Tip: make sure you allow enough time to walk to your pick-up point.

An On Demand bus will then pick you up at your chosen location and take you to where you want to go within the On Demand area. It’s that simple.

The service will operate from 6am to 11.30pm during weekdays and from 8am until 8.30pm on weekends.

2. How much does it cost?

A one-way trip will cost $3.10 for adults or $1.50 for concession card holders, including pensioners, seniors, students and apprentices. Fares can be paid via the app, using your credit card or you can use OpalPay to pay with your Opal card balance.

3. What is unique about this service?

Rather than being restricted to a particular route, you can nominate an address or destination (rather than a stop) and the service will stop as close to this destination as possible.

On Demand is focused on connecting customers to local train stations, such as Burwood, Concord, Rhodes and Strathfield, ferry wharves, key services, such as Concord Hospital and shopping precincts, such as Rhodes Waterside.

4. What is the route / region?

The On Demand bus will be able to transport you to key places across the Inner West, including Breakfast Point, Burwood, Cabarita, Canada Bay, Concord, Mortlake, Rhodes and Strathfield.

5. Can I use Opal Pay on this service?

You certainly can. When booking via the free BRIDJ app, customers can select to pay by credit card or OpalPay. If using OpalPay, customers tap to pay with their Opal card on the operator’s payment device when boarding.

6. How many seats are on an On Demand service? Is it wheelchair accessible?

Each mini-bus seats 18 passengers, with the option of folding down some seats to accommodate passengers in wheelchairs or with prams.

All buses are fully compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act and wheelchair boarding takes less than one minute via an accessible ramp.

7. What are the plans for the future?

Transport for NSW and Transit Systems will be monitoring uptake of the new On Demand service, as well as seeking feedback to inform us how we can tweak and improve the system.

We aim to get as many services as possible where customers need them most with plans to introduce On Demand to other areas.

8. Where do you go for more information?

Head to to find out more


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