Sydney’s public transport network is fully credit card enabled

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Contactless payments are now available across Sydney’s entire Opal network!

On metro, trains, NSW TrainLink Intercity services, buses, ferries and light rail, you can now tap on and tap off using your credit or debit card (American Express, Mastercard and Visa are all accepted), or your linked smartphone, tablet or wearable device.

Better yet, when you tap on and tap off for eight journeys in one week with the same contactless credit or debit card, you’ll be eligible to receive the Opal weekly travel reward of 50 per cent off trips for the remainder of the calendar week (Monday to Sunday).

Other perks include:

  • a transfer discount when you tap on and tap off with the same contactless credit or debit card
  • off-peak fares on rail services

If you travel as a concession or use Transport Park&Ride car parks, please continue to use your Opal card to receive the relevant concession and parking discounts. Please note that contactless payments are not available on private ferry or NSW TrainLink Regional services.

Is the contactless system secure?

Security of customer data is a top priority for Transport for NSW. As such, contactless payments comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCIDSS). A series of safety protocols is used, including end-to-end data encryption, to ensure contactless transport payments are processed in line with the PCIDSS.

Rest assured that Transport for NSW does not collect or record customers’ personal information when they tap on or tap off with a credit/debit card or linked device, nor is this information collected or stored when revenue protection officers scan these cards or devices to ensure customers are travelling with a valid ticket.

I’ve heard about card clash – how can I avoid it?

With so many ways to pay now available, it’s important that you hold just one payment card or device on the Opal reader or you might accidentally pay with a card or device you hadn’t intended to use. This is called card clash, which can occur if you tap your whole wallet or phone case on an Opal reader or if you don’t tap on and off with the same card or device.

What happens if the device I tapped on with dies along the journey?

If using a mobile or wearable device, it is vital to ensure it has enough charge to complete your journey, as authorised officers have the right to ask to see your ticket – in this case, the device you tapped on with – at any time. If you can’t do this because your battery is flat, you may be fined up to $550 for travelling without a valid ticket.

Why was my fare only $1?

That $1 you’ll see as a pending transaction on your statement is actually a pre-authorisation charge. Like Opal card fares, contactless fares are calculated according to the distance you travelled – from where you tap on to where you tap off – and are therefore calculated at the end of your journey.

As you travel throughout the day, fares will be accumulated, and the total cost of the day’s travel will be processed over the coming days. That total cost will replace the $1 charge.

Hot tip

Make sure you tap on and off with the same card or device for each journey to ensure you are charged the correct fare and that Opal travel rewards are calculated.

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