10 transport-themed activities to keep kids busy 

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Did you know that Pablo Picasso completed his first oil painting, Picador, at the age of eight? Over in New York, Marla Olmstead caught the attention of abstract art collectors when she was four. Closer to home, Aussie child prodigy Aelita Andre first started experimenting with paint at just nine months old – and her works are now being likened to those of Jackson Pollock!  

If you’ve got a young Margaret Preston or an aspiring train driver on your hands and you’re looking to keep them occupied, we’ve created some transport-themed templates that are sure to get them excited – not least of which because they’re the most up-to-date illustrations of our different modes. That’s right, we’re talking the metro, light rail, B-Line bus and ferry (and a few extra for good measure).

So set up that outdoor creative station of pencils, watercolours or paints, smock up your little one and let them embrace their creative side. 

On the road again

New car smell

Yachts away!

Metro life

The wheels on the B-Line bus

A transport of delight

Don’t rock the boat

A leading light rail

Go the country mile

The magical world of transport

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Main image: Destination NSW


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