State Transit says thanks on International Women’s Day

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Amy Norman likes making people think twice about what women can do. But that’s just how she likes it. Amy, who started as an apprentice with State Transit four years ago, is now a qualified heavy vehicle mechanic working at the Leichhardt Depot.

“Being a female heavy vehicle mechanic is a satisfying job – and it sets you apart. When I meet people and I say what I do, they’re always surprised. It’s nice to have people reevaluate what women can do in life.”

Amy says, “I like that the days are never the same. Mornings are busiest because you are getting buses out on the road for the peak at 8am and then the rest of the day is steady.

You need to be realistic about the type of work you have to do because it is slightly different from what you might be used to if you’re a girl. It is labour intensive – there’s lots of lifting and walking around, and some girls might find that type of work quite strenuous. But I’m quite a small build, I’m about 167cm tall, and I can do it.”

“Some of the bigger guys use brute strength to get things done, but I would think about how to solve the problem, and figure out a way of lifting things that’s better for me.”

“I find it quite satisfying; the way you need to diagnose what’s wrong with the bus and then come up with a solution. Everyone bounces ideas around about how to find a solution to a problem. It’s rewarding to fix the problem and get the bus out on the road again.”

Working at State Transit

If other women are thinking of working at State Transit, I’d say, ‘go for it’. I think definitely everyone should have a go. It’s a very rewarding job if you like working with your hands and getting dirty.

On the whole the guys are really welcoming and friendly. And it’s good to remember you can ask for help. And there’s good on the job training and support at STA. The guys are really happy to help whether that’s lifting something, or to solve a problem.”

State Transit chief executive Steffen Faurby commended the women on his team, and thanked them for their dedication and hard work.

“I truly value the role women play at State Transit,” Mr Faurby said.

“The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is Press for Progress, and is focused on how we can all motivate one another to think, act and be gender inclusive.

“This theme is perfectly aligned with our ethos at State Transit – we encourage and support diversity and the unique contribution we all bring to the work place. International Women’s Day is a good time to stop and recognise the special role women play at State Transit.”


If you are interested in applying for a job at State Transit register for one of their open days for an information session, a tour of the Depot and a fast tracked recruitment option.


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