Forgot your Opal card? You can now use contactless payments on Sydney Ferries and Light Rail

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Australia is one of the countries leading the world in the move towards dumping cash in favour of digital payments. We are the biggest users of tap and go payments, and the trend is extending to public transport in NSW. After an initial trial on the F1 Manly ferry, contactless payments have been expanded to all Sydney ferries and light rail.

Who is this good news for?

If you’re a tourist, or if you don’t use public transport often, you may prefer to use contactless payments instead of buying an Adult Opal single trip ticket from a machine. Of course it’s also perfect for those days when you have forgotten to top up or misplaced your Opal card.

What if I am a regular commuter?

It’s best to stick to Opal for now, unless of course you’ve left your Opal at home. Weekly and daily fare caps do not apply to contactless payments – which means you could end up paying more. Child and Senior fares are also not available using this payment method.

Is there anything I need to know before using contactless?

  • It’s important to separate your American Express, Mastercard or Visa card from other cards you’re carrying so your fare is charged to the right card.
  • If you’re paying with a digital device linked to your credit card, select the card you want to use from your digital wallet.
  • Tap on with your card or device at the Opal reader before you board the ferry or light rail.
  • Tap off with the same card or device you tapped on with when you reach your destination, just as you do with an Opal card.

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