Contactless payment now available for trains

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Familiar with the sinking feeling that you’ve left your Opal card behind? Life just got easier with more ways to pay a standard, peak Adult Opal fare.

You can now tap on using your credit or debit card, or your linked smartphone, tablet or wearable device. It’s a perfect solution for showing around friends from out of town without having to pick up an Opal card. Contactless transport payments mean you can simply tap on to pay then you’re on your way

Where can I use it?

Contactless payments are now available on:

  • Sydney Trains
  • NSW TrainLink Intercity Opal services
  • Light rail
  • Sydney Ferries

Please note, Transport for NSW does not currently offer contactless payments on any bus, private ferry or NSW TrainLink Regional services.

Avoiding ‘card clash’

With so many ways to pay now available it’s important that you only hold one payment card or device on the Opal reader or you might accidentally pay with a card or device you hadn’t intended to use (this is called ‘card clash’, which can occur if you tap your whole wallet or phone case on an Opal reader or if you don’t tap on and off with the same card or device).

Battery levels

Planning to use your phone or smartwatch as a contactless payment method? If your device’s battery is getting low, be sure to charge it before you leave the house. If you tap on with a device, you will need to be able to show it to a transport officer during your trip.

Contactless fast facts

  • Contactless payments cost the same as a standard (peak) Adult Opal fare and are cheaper than single trip tickets.
  • Fares are based on the distance travelled so you must tap on and tap off using the same card or device, except on the F1 Manly to Circular Quay service, which is a tap on only service.
  • You can pay for one Adult fare per trip, per card or device.
  • You cannot pass a card or device you have just used to pay a fare to someone else to pay a second fare.
  • If you do not tap off when you reach your destination you will be charged the maximum fare.
  • Opal card benefits such as off-peak fares, capped Sydney Airport station access fees, Weekly Travel Rewards, transfer discounts, the Opal Trip Advantage and free access to Park & Ride car parks do not apply.
  • If you wish to pay for Child/Youth, Concession or Gold Senior/Pensioner fares you should obtain the relevant Opal card or Opal single trip ticket.

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